7 Strategies to Keep Your Roofing Project Stress-Free

7 Strategies to Keep Your Roofing Project Stress-Free

A roofing project is going to affect your life for a while, but it shouldn’t cause you too much stress. It will involve some mess and noise, but you can enjoy a more pleasant experience if you make a plan and follow it.

7 Strategies to Keep Your Roofing Project Stress-Free

Koziatek Contracting discusses seven things you can do to keep your project from stressing you out:

1. Book Early

Any residential and commercial roofing company is likely to be busy during summer. It’s one of the more popular times of the year for home improvement, so it can make booking quite difficult. You can imagine the best contractors in the business are extremely busy in the summer. You can either book during a less busy time, or call your roofers early and confirm your schedule before summer hits.

2. Anticipate Possible Headaches

No setback could stall your commercial or residential roofing project for too long if you’re prepared for it right from the start. During planning, find out what concerns your roofer has to prepare yourself for the potential problems that might arise along the way.

3. Think About Contingency

Many homeowners deal with tremendous stress when costs skyrocket due to circumstances they failed to foresee. It’s imperative to understand your basic costs, but being able to absorb additional expenses when necessary matters, too. Ideally, you should allot 20% of your total projected costs as contingency.

4. Study the Bids

Focusing on the bottom line of the estimate is a convenient shortcut to budgeting, but be wary of any items not listed on the bid. There might be hidden costs for cleanup and debris removal, and allowances for products your contractor has not determined yet.

5. Set Deadlines

To keep your project on track, any roofing company would advise you to identify benchmarks as deadlines and make every day count. You can’t do this unless you understand the sequence of events in your project. For example, if your project involves roof replacement and new gutter installation, treat the end of each project as a benchmark.

6. Pay No More than 10% Upfront

Avoid putting down more than $1,000 or 10% of the project’s cost. Be wary of any roofer that would ask for more upfront. Reliable contractors need no advance payments, but paying earnest money is necessary to establish you’re a serious customer.

7. Minimize Change Orders

Lastly, stay committed to the plan as much as possible. That’s what early planning is for. Modifications could affect your project’s timeline and overall cost. Change orders are sometimes necessary to include any essential extra work. Beyond that, though, you can avoid them if you stick to your original product and design choices.

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