A Home Improvement Project to Prevent Water Damage

A Home Improvement Project to Prevent Water Damage

Your roof keeps moisture and water out of your home. Its excessive exposure to harsh elements, however, undermines its service life. Water spots on your ceiling and cracking shingles can indicate the immediate need for replacement.

Water Damage

Koziatek Contracting, Inc., your leading roofing company, discusses a home improvement project that can prevent water damage.

What Your Roof Is Telling You

Just like many parts of your home, your roof is a communicative component. It warns you when something is off. Leaks, for instance, are one of the easiest problems to detect. Many homeowners, however, ignore the early signs of water penetration.

Noticeable water spots on your ceiling can suggest that your roof is leaking. They, however, don’t automatically account for surface stains. Condensation and plumbing can also cause such marks. Nonetheless, darker and larger stains after a heavy rainfall are most probably caused by a leaky roof. It is best to contact your premier residential roofing contractor to attend to your replacement needs.


Replacing your old roofing system may sound intimidating, but it is the best possible solution to avoid further water damage. Besides, prolonging the problem could only give rise to other potential issues. A good roofing contractor will guide you through the whole process.

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